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Bobby McGee

Bobby’s Testimony

As I look back through the troubled years, I can see all the times my Heavenly Father carried me. My story was one of fear and uncertainty. I acted these out with trouble and drugs. Six different times, in two different states I heard a judge sentence me to anywhere from 2-10 years. I spent a total of 20 years behind prison bars. Six separate overdoses of cocaine left me on the floor in convulsions, literally dying in my sin.

On a December night in 1991, God forever changed me. I was visiting a live nativity at a local church. I talked briefly to a man there but felt uncomfortable by the conversation and left. About 20 minutes away from the church, I felt God calling me back. I turned around, and within minutes was on my knees inviting The Lamb of God into my heart. I later learned that the people there were praying for my return! Thank God for faithful prayers.

Lessons have been hard for me. God continues to mold and shape me. He helps me to forgive myself…to let go of the guilt and shame associated with my past. A Bible verse given to me many years ago by a very special friend was 1 Peter 5:7. When I cast my care upon Jesus, I truly find a faithful God and loving Father….

To those who suffer from addiction, I know your pain… So does Jesus.

To those incarcerated in prisons, I know your loneliness… So does Jesus.

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